Hurricane Information

Hurricanes are severe tropical storms that need warm tropical oceans, moisture and light winds. When these conditions are met for long enough period, a hurricane can produce violent winds, large waves, heavy rain and devastating floods. Hurricanes rotate in a counterclockwise direction around the eye of the hurricane. A tropical storm becomes a hurricane when winds reach 74 mph. On average there are 7 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean each year with approximately 5 of those hurricanes hitting the coastline of the United States. When hurricanes hit the coast they bring with them their heavy rain, strong winds, and large waves, also called storm surges, that damage buildings, trees, and cars. Depending on the intensity of the hurricane will determine how much damage the hurricane will cause. Hurricanes are categorized by numbers.

 Category One Hurricane:  Winds 74-95 mph  Storm Surge 4-5 feet above average
 Category Two Hurricane:  Winds 96-110 mph  Storm Surge 6-8 feet above average
 Category Three Hurricane:  Winds 111-130 mph  Storm Surge 9-12 feet above average
 Category Four Hurricane:  Winds 131-155 mph  Storm Surge 13-18 feet above average
 Category Five Hurricane:  Winds 155+ mph  Storm Surge 18+ feet above average

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and lasts until November 30.

Since South Texas is near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, we are a prime target for hurricanes. In addition to installing window coverage on your house, there are other precautions you can take to prepare your family from hurricanes. Visit our Hurricane Supply List page for more information.